I get the CB system is not to everyone's taste. However, the comments I collated on flow indicated that it had been very much enjoyable and people seemed to love it after a couple of hiccups at the beginning. Personally, I have not played with with other games so that I can not directly compare. In terms of the price of PvM I 100% see that your POV but again this was an issue that's been increased so much by the community and individuals do not seem to like it - it was my job to RS gold articulate that in this movie. I given examples and should have been specific. But anyway thanks to watching everything and beginning the dialogue.

I am sorry if my comment might came across harsh. I agree with most that is mentioned/said in the movie and love that you take your time to reply remarks in this thread. To my knowledge RS3 is the only monthly subscription based MMO which also has aggressive MTX very similar to those of most"freemium" games. I just saw your movie on the MTX issue as I prefer to call it, because in this video you mentioned RS3"requires" micro-transactions, which will be only half of the reality. What RS3 wants is participant retention.

You properly analyzed that a higher player count also increases revenue from MTX and other comparable streams of revenue and then introduced the question why MTX were on a decline recently despite RS3 participant numbers going to get a few years. Well, the answer to this question is that osrs bonds were released in March 2015 as a form of MTX, which probably carried a large potion of the MTX revenue in 2016-2018, regardless of the decline of RS3 players/MTX profits (as indicated by the massive leap in MTX revenue from 2015 to 2016). Now of course, since RS3 stays the principal part of MTX profits for Jagex, a dwindling RS3 player foundation means that OSRS bond earnings alone cannot keep MTX revenue at the exact same level, hence falling in 2018.

To return to my first point: I don't have any idea how Jagex plans on raising player retention, as they gave up one of the two (arguably 3 if you rely skilling) items that made RS uniquely distinctive from other MMOs with EoC. As I said CB systems in different MMOs are a great deal more fleshed-out even though Jagex trying their very best to correct the mess that was initial-release EoC. Do not get me wrong, the combat system is in reality balanced and far better than it's ever been and requires vast knowledge to master it, but a new player searching for an MMO that's focused only around battle and epic boss experiences will 9/10 times never pick Runescape because his game of choice.

I can't help but believe Jagex is hoping to reinvent the wheel every couple of decades, by trying to beat other MMOs in their own game instead of focusing on the unique strengths, that differentiate their match from the dozens of additional cookie-cutter MMOs on the market, and building on buy RuneScape gold people.